Friday, 13 January 2017

Still here

I'm still here fam.  This was last weekends highlight out in Sidney.  The bowling lane from back in time.. super cool staff playing the disco channel on stingray radio.  My gloves were glowing and my game was alright.  We all walked the cold streets after looking for a place to eat that we could all agree on.. ended up at Smitty's who was also playing disco on a less quality frequency but still disco.  Olive and I drank all the creamers as is tradition now.  It was also like a roadside clip out of time and brought me back to hockey tournaments in childhood or freight train times in Kamloops.  The sun set all golden in the window for a minute then we left for Jaime N and Fs for curry and playtime.  Jaime got me an adventure time mug and I forgot it.  We mostly talked about Jordan Peterson, Karen Staughan, Christy0misty, Christina Sommers, CassieJaye, and one mutual friend that I offended by my posting of criticism of third wave feminism or "female chauvinism".  I will leave it at that.. I'm only educating myself on the subject so that I can intelligently and rationally defend myself if I get caught in any SJW traps.  Im not afraid of offending but Im not seeking it out either.  That being said.. I have been falling down the Joe Rogan Experience wormhole.  3 hour podcasts with interesting guests and stories has been great for painting in the studio.  The hockey samurais are coming along nicely.  I'm working on those today while dreading the noon yoga commitment.  Treating myself to a new zealand pie this morning at saltchuck.  Peace.. we still out here.

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