Saturday, 24 December 2016

Total number of portraits done this holiday... 7.  Not including the fact that ones like this contained 5 people.  The house still has not been cleaned.. except for the bathroom which couldn't wait.. it was too demoralizing.  I squeezed it in between dismantling the kitchen counter for the countertop guy who came and installed the new sink and counter yesterday.  His name was GREG.  He started the day with banging his head several times under the sink.. swearing and sighing a lot.  I told Olive he was performing like her making a fuss about carrying her backpack to school.  She asked what I meant by performing.. I said it meant when people make a big show of their displeasure but fail to change their unavoidable situation of having to get through a task.  Greg cheered up later when I put the classic rock station on which is code when you are doing anything trade related.  I worked on my final portrait and the day was good.  Since updating the blog last for my loyal 6 viewers.. I have done nothing but draw.. go to yoga a few times and messaged random girls on IG looking for a movie date.  I went to starwars by myself and chose seat 17 because it added up to 8 and was in the centre of the theatre.  My fortune cookie from a chinese meal earlier that week said my lucky number was 8.  Turns out my seat didn't exist.. there was an 18 and a 16 but 17 was basically the aisle so the manager set me up in the handicapped area pus I got 2 free tickets.  I took a stranger from IG the next night to "Passengers".. it was good.

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