Thursday, 15 December 2016

The big ugly old blue vinyl suitcase is out.. it's full of old cds with image files of photos and art from the early days of my digital transformation/absorbtion.  The early 2000s saw me as an angry confused hippy that lost a friend to suicide and a baby to abortion.. I thought I had thrown my life away trying to be an artist and decided to give over to the service work of environmentalism.  I tried to quit graffiti and be selfless.  I was saved by Harley Smart and Erika Heyrman from the Wildfire bakery.  At first I was jealous and rude to Harley.. but eventually I understood his way.. even if I still felt like an outsider to the growing new art scene in Victoria.. Cam Kidd moved in with us and we all became "the Belmont Boys".. those days were pure joy.  I dabbled in the digital.. and tried to fit my art into Fantan 16 and a half... fifty 50.. the Ministry of Casual Living.. it went ok.. but I never really fit in.  I was the weird older graffiti guy that couldn't adapt to the new young hip art scene.  Cam was able to walk in both worlds quite well and Harley soon moved on ahead to do great things.. He blazed a trail.  My graffiti got back on track thanks to Hype who got me out painting again.  I met the WHRS crew from Calgary who were into the rave and festival scene.. Shambhala inparticular in 07/08 and discovered "partying".  I moved to vancouver chasing the Lighta crew bass music movement and all of a sudden on a trip back to victoria to visit I met Olives mom and my lonely ass got talked into having a child.  Its all a blur from there.. the photo below is me right before the move to vancouver.  I would like to get back to that person and continue on from what I've learned.. and with my new best friend Olive by my side.

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