Tuesday, 13 December 2016

It's time to make more videos.. I don't care what they are.. I'm going to start tonight with a funny laughs montage and try and push the content again.. however cheap.  This photo is from when Kay and Zsophin did their documentary on the Trackside gallery in esquimalt called 100 layers of beige.  Olive and I were about to go to the pool because we forgot they were coming over to shoot the interview and they ran up to us in the truck.. "No we didn't forget! haha.."  somehow glitter ended up on my face.  I cant remember who took this photo but I sure do appreciate it.  It was so fun to share the spotlight with Olive.  It is a great little documentary.  I housepainted today and ate 2 red barn wraps.. Started watching the new season of Peaky Blinders.. I love it but it really makes me want to drink.. or just get one of those poor boy hats.  Vancouver monday was tight.. thanks to the homey for pickin me up and escorting me to the spots.. the grime glove remains in Quinn's hand.. hope to see him this weekend.  I'm tired.

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