Sunday, 25 December 2016

If I knew then what I know now.  Several hours given to cleaning up my facebook timeline.. Obviously I need to keep the lines of communication open and you need an account for other apps to work so Ive given over to just keeping the page clean.  Ive made it down to 2007 posts.. absorbing all the phases Ive gone through and noting the changes in my personality and sense of humour.. It's giving me an overall feeling of understanding myself more and my position.  It paints a larger picture that I can see clearly.. I don't feel as lost.  I recommend you go through your timeline some time.  All by myself for xmas and it doesn't phase me at all.  Have I grown or just become de sensitized.  Both I guess.  This photo is a costume I designed one year.. "the skull merchant".  It is appropriate in this entry because it represents the fearless journey through my past skeletons.. and the willingness to free them.  Merry Christmas. Live again.

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