Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Ahh the good ol' days..  before the drinking got out of control I would usually just fall asleep on the couch after painting as long as I could.. I would wish for stimulants to keep me working but that was still a rare thing.  I'd wake up and have a normal if slightly hungover day.. probably gardening or working on an art show.. or going over to Olive's moms house to help out or watch her so she could work or go to school.. or take Olive swimming which we have always done religiously since I can remember.. Grampa sent the usual what does she want for xmas message yesterday so I said to get a proper swimsuit from HTO.  She has always had cheapo kiddy ones from walmart or target.. so I think its time to see how a real suit stands the chlorine.. all her other ones have disintigrated along with both of our skin.. we now have to grease up with coconut or moisturizer after each swim because she got exema.. oops.  My skin is getting dry but I thought that is just from getting old.. Ive never been a moisturizing man so it's hard to get in the habit.. it just feels unnatural to rub stuff in your skin all the time.. I don't see why you cant just consume lots of olive oil.

I refer to myself in this photo as being a lounge lizard.. and I guess lizard skin sheds off.. like the phases of life I go through.. the guy on the couch would never go to yoga class.. or college.  The house we lived in then was fondly called the Belmont house and we all were the Belmont Boys.. the house belonged to Meriel Fletcher and it was by her grace that we were allowed to carry on as we did.  Harley Smart got us all aboard and Cam Kidd moved in and stayed the longest.  We had a driveway that turned into a landscape art sculpture I called "Tomato Mountain".  It happened by inviting the city of victoria to dump 10 yards of street leaf mulch in the driveway...  We spent summers painting, partying and swimming in the kid pool around it.  Here is a VIDEO of the mulch being dumped and me dancing with the casio keyboard.  Alfons and I will be doing the Casio Christmas this saturday!

It all started at the Belmont house one christmas when I bought Olive a casio that had light up keys.. of course it birthed a comedy creation from the chemistry of friendship Alfons and I shared.. I can't remember how it started but we called ourselves "Coffees and Teas".  Alfons was in school then doing his music degree and probably never thought he would be a dad but look at him now.. all familied up.  I'm so happy for him.. he is the most deserving man I know to have a loving partner and big squishy baby boy named Boden.  We eventually partnered up with Jenny Ambrose at her venue called "The Makehouse" and will be doing our 6th annual performance there again this year.

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