Sunday, 25 December 2016

If I knew then what I know now.  Several hours given to cleaning up my facebook timeline.. Obviously I need to keep the lines of communication open and you need an account for other apps to work so Ive given over to just keeping the page clean.  Ive made it down to 2007 posts.. absorbing all the phases Ive gone through and noting the changes in my personality and sense of humour.. It's giving me an overall feeling of understanding myself more and my position.  It paints a larger picture that I can see clearly.. I don't feel as lost.  I recommend you go through your timeline some time.  All by myself for xmas and it doesn't phase me at all.  Have I grown or just become de sensitized.  Both I guess.  This photo is a costume I designed one year.. "the skull merchant".  It is appropriate in this entry because it represents the fearless journey through my past skeletons.. and the willingness to free them.  Merry Christmas. Live again.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Total number of portraits done this holiday... 7.  Not including the fact that ones like this contained 5 people.  The house still has not been cleaned.. except for the bathroom which couldn't wait.. it was too demoralizing.  I squeezed it in between dismantling the kitchen counter for the countertop guy who came and installed the new sink and counter yesterday.  His name was GREG.  He started the day with banging his head several times under the sink.. swearing and sighing a lot.  I told Olive he was performing like her making a fuss about carrying her backpack to school.  She asked what I meant by performing.. I said it meant when people make a big show of their displeasure but fail to change their unavoidable situation of having to get through a task.  Greg cheered up later when I put the classic rock station on which is code when you are doing anything trade related.  I worked on my final portrait and the day was good.  Since updating the blog last for my loyal 6 viewers.. I have done nothing but draw.. go to yoga a few times and messaged random girls on IG looking for a movie date.  I went to starwars by myself and chose seat 17 because it added up to 8 and was in the centre of the theatre.  My fortune cookie from a chinese meal earlier that week said my lucky number was 8.  Turns out my seat didn't exist.. there was an 18 and a 16 but 17 was basically the aisle so the manager set me up in the handicapped area pus I got 2 free tickets.  I took a stranger from IG the next night to "Passengers".. it was good.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Skuzzabot returns.  It can survive any of my life bullshit.  So lets roll with it..
The cd suitcase is empty and the gold has been sifted out.  Here is a cool VIDEO of the graffiti community partying at the 5050 gallery show after the Quake of the Cans jam.  Some lovely faces in there especially DJ Promise.  Word.  So what is this Skuzzabot?  well it came from salvaging old paint cans at the dump.. the idea is that the dumpster swallows the paint.. comes to life.. and creates art.  SKUZZA means rotten and dead.. BOT means artificial intelligence.. so its a metaphor of the organic and digital worlds melding.  It looks cool too and is mad funny.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The big ugly old blue vinyl suitcase is out.. it's full of old cds with image files of photos and art from the early days of my digital transformation/absorbtion.  The early 2000s saw me as an angry confused hippy that lost a friend to suicide and a baby to abortion.. I thought I had thrown my life away trying to be an artist and decided to give over to the service work of environmentalism.  I tried to quit graffiti and be selfless.  I was saved by Harley Smart and Erika Heyrman from the Wildfire bakery.  At first I was jealous and rude to Harley.. but eventually I understood his way.. even if I still felt like an outsider to the growing new art scene in Victoria.. Cam Kidd moved in with us and we all became "the Belmont Boys".. those days were pure joy.  I dabbled in the digital.. and tried to fit my art into Fantan 16 and a half... fifty 50.. the Ministry of Casual Living.. it went ok.. but I never really fit in.  I was the weird older graffiti guy that couldn't adapt to the new young hip art scene.  Cam was able to walk in both worlds quite well and Harley soon moved on ahead to do great things.. He blazed a trail.  My graffiti got back on track thanks to Hype who got me out painting again.  I met the WHRS crew from Calgary who were into the rave and festival scene.. Shambhala inparticular in 07/08 and discovered "partying".  I moved to vancouver chasing the Lighta crew bass music movement and all of a sudden on a trip back to victoria to visit I met Olives mom and my lonely ass got talked into having a child.  Its all a blur from there.. the photo below is me right before the move to vancouver.  I would like to get back to that person and continue on from what I've learned.. and with my new best friend Olive by my side.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Ahh the good ol' days..  before the drinking got out of control I would usually just fall asleep on the couch after painting as long as I could.. I would wish for stimulants to keep me working but that was still a rare thing.  I'd wake up and have a normal if slightly hungover day.. probably gardening or working on an art show.. or going over to Olive's moms house to help out or watch her so she could work or go to school.. or take Olive swimming which we have always done religiously since I can remember.. Grampa sent the usual what does she want for xmas message yesterday so I said to get a proper swimsuit from HTO.  She has always had cheapo kiddy ones from walmart or target.. so I think its time to see how a real suit stands the chlorine.. all her other ones have disintigrated along with both of our skin.. we now have to grease up with coconut or moisturizer after each swim because she got exema.. oops.  My skin is getting dry but I thought that is just from getting old.. Ive never been a moisturizing man so it's hard to get in the habit.. it just feels unnatural to rub stuff in your skin all the time.. I don't see why you cant just consume lots of olive oil.

I refer to myself in this photo as being a lounge lizard.. and I guess lizard skin sheds off.. like the phases of life I go through.. the guy on the couch would never go to yoga class.. or college.  The house we lived in then was fondly called the Belmont house and we all were the Belmont Boys.. the house belonged to Meriel Fletcher and it was by her grace that we were allowed to carry on as we did.  Harley Smart got us all aboard and Cam Kidd moved in and stayed the longest.  We had a driveway that turned into a landscape art sculpture I called "Tomato Mountain".  It happened by inviting the city of victoria to dump 10 yards of street leaf mulch in the driveway...  We spent summers painting, partying and swimming in the kid pool around it.  Here is a VIDEO of the mulch being dumped and me dancing with the casio keyboard.  Alfons and I will be doing the Casio Christmas this saturday!

It all started at the Belmont house one christmas when I bought Olive a casio that had light up keys.. of course it birthed a comedy creation from the chemistry of friendship Alfons and I shared.. I can't remember how it started but we called ourselves "Coffees and Teas".  Alfons was in school then doing his music degree and probably never thought he would be a dad but look at him now.. all familied up.  I'm so happy for him.. he is the most deserving man I know to have a loving partner and big squishy baby boy named Boden.  We eventually partnered up with Jenny Ambrose at her venue called "The Makehouse" and will be doing our 6th annual performance there again this year.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

It's time to make more videos.. I don't care what they are.. I'm going to start tonight with a funny laughs montage and try and push the content again.. however cheap.  This photo is from when Kay and Zsophin did their documentary on the Trackside gallery in esquimalt called 100 layers of beige.  Olive and I were about to go to the pool because we forgot they were coming over to shoot the interview and they ran up to us in the truck.. "No we didn't forget! haha.."  somehow glitter ended up on my face.  I cant remember who took this photo but I sure do appreciate it.  It was so fun to share the spotlight with Olive.  It is a great little documentary.  I housepainted today and ate 2 red barn wraps.. Started watching the new season of Peaky Blinders.. I love it but it really makes me want to drink.. or just get one of those poor boy hats.  Vancouver monday was tight.. thanks to the homey for pickin me up and escorting me to the spots.. the grime glove remains in Quinn's hand.. hope to see him this weekend.  I'm tired.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Screenshot from IG
How about those gams.  This is what happened when I got inspired by rooting around in the lost and found... my current bathing suit had ripped from excessive chlorine so I had to hit up the bin for some fresh trunks.. when I happened upon a woman's swimsuit that said "Rad".. The idea formed very quickly and after washing it I changed the R to a D and the rest is history.  I'm sure "The Bug and Riko Dan" would have a fit at the thought of their new song being used in such a manner but oh well.
Yesterday was an early tornado of art making, snowman making, fort making and potion making.. that meant the middle part of the day was spent home making instead of getting on my portraits.. I just got the outline sketched out and then it was time to pick her up from second playdate where there was cookie making.  This morning we have a coffee play date and hopefully the girls will sit long enough for grown ups to enjoy themselves.  We might make the mural police vid later as an excuse to eat a box of doughnuts.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Here is a snowy picture because it is snowy.. the rain is washing that away now but the kids made snowmen.  Some of those snowmen might identify as non gender specific but I don't care.  This is my blog, my body.  I had the computers serviced by my new tech buddy.. he is a single dad as well and took the time to check out my website.. The macs are runnin cool.. thanks coach!  big shoes to fill.. one computer for sound and the other for visual art.  Started buying grime again.. first track bought last night was Frisco-dan gorgon.  Somehow these guys are keeping youtube free of any new material.. so it feels rewarding to get exclusive shit when you have to pay for it.  I've been steady upping the IG with old screencaps of my website stuff.  It's hilarious how nobody ever looks at the website.. it's like all new work to them.  This week has been all housepainting.. no yoga but I can feel the postures in my everyday movements giving me support and transformation.  I'm feeling securely sober but longing for adult companionship.. haha that was eloquent.  I hope to make a funny video about victoria murals this weekend but playdates come first! oh yeah and there's the 2 portraits I said I would do for tomorrow night..yeesh!  no time for silliness.  Trip to the art store this morning and staples.  I'm gonna hit up the grime search now.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

It's slushing outside and social media is acting like a blizzard.  I'm ashamed to feel so much cooler for not being that person but nobody cares.  Im also disappointed in myself for speaking out in a meeting last night when someone was sharing.. they kept dropping f bombs without just cause and basically talked a bunch of nonsense.. but it's principals before personalities so why can't I be more tolerant.  I heard some good messages last night but forgot them.  Oh I remembered  one.. when on his deathbed he was asked.. so do you believe in god... he said he didn't know but it was a better way to live.  I was painting someones house yesterday.. I am today as well.  He had some coffee and lunch breaks during the day but it wasn't until 4 when the pogues were playing on the stereo did he offer me anything.. it wasn't food or coffee though.  I don't mind that I wasn't offered food or coffee but I find it funny that people are always quick to share booze over anything else.  I declined and was proud of myself.  Irish punk sure triggers me though.. as does most music.  speaking of music.. I foolishly agreed to dj at Niaddy's birthday new years party.  I asked her if she wanted me do do grime or my lounge act.. she says both.. haha.  Haven't played in years and now I have to put a set together that goes from lounge to grime.  I need to knuckle down on getting back in the mix anyway so this will be a good challenge.  hope I can get home soon and get on that.  Still gotta take these macbooks in to the dude and get em souped up with ram and solid states before I can figure serato out.  Tutorial town.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

paintbrush xmas tree

The videos are back.  My kookie xmas tree idea came to fruition with the help of my faithful companion and our friends Jackie and Marlon.  Saw our pals Ian and F for a swim and before that we went to the super boring Dickens fair at Olive's school.  Too much ugly knitted stuff and awkward older hippy candles, painted rocks and trippy woodwork.  Jams, jellies, cookies... barf.  Olive was ticked that she couldn't find anything worth spending her $5 on and I was going into zombie mode.  I pulled myself out by making a medallion out of leggo and chatting to one of the dads who is in the leggo club.. leggo is like currency he says.  We went B&Vs to get the painting from Justin to re sell.. might end up trading it for some weird jewelry haha.  Justin referred me to this little interior paint job for today.. so its wrangle my gear from all over the house as soon as Olive is happily settled at school.
One more thing.. I got to catch up with Harley Smart who has become one of the nicest guys I know.  I am so proud of how far he has gone with his book binding business.  Him and Ryan are rocking it with their thing called Anteism

Friday, 2 December 2016

My man.  My mentor.  My Mike.
Finally got to catch up and get some wisdom from the East Van Guru.
The coffees at Milano in gas town were TIGHT haha.  Robin hooked up the big bowl latte and we got down to sharing some recovery thoughts.  He's playing trumpet mostly these days butIf you wanna see and hear him dj he's at Milano in gastown lots.  Vancouver was nice..  whipped over there on the 7 ferry and just made it back on the 9.  JJs train benching diner for the breakfast special with Robin.. some sight seeing.. Virus murals.. waiting outside the amsterdam cafe for soak to get through rush hour movie set van traffic.. under bridge lay up rockin.. perfect connect with the seabus.. super tired on the ferry but these kids had rick and morty goin on the laptop so we had some laughs in the lobby.  House painting today..  I wish we had a skytrain in Victoria.