Monday, 24 October 2016

Good evening.  I used to write in journals at cafes... but those were the days when hotmail was hot and myspace was new.  Now there are too many choices and my website feels old fashion.  Are blogs old fashion?  I like the fact that a blog is so obscure now that I can spill my thoughts online and no one will read it.  Maybe i wont even update it but who cares.  Right now I am listening to an interview with the voices of Finn and Jake from adventure time.  I taught my art class at the rec centre today and I got rejected by a girl.  At least I'm not on tinder.  Getting rejected is ok.  I have a kid, I'm older than college girls, and I'm super unique.  Damaged goods or good damage?  remember Jeru the damaja? haha what happened to that dude...  good rapper anyway.